FSR has made major improvements to help you meet the Annual Recertification requirements. All of the online modules are now within your LeagueGM record of all courses you have scheduled for yourself.

The email you received after you scheduled your course, provides directions for you. If you have lost the email, you can click on the link below, sign in to LeagueGM, go to your "Course Student" menu and click on "My Scheduled Courses and Online Training". You will see all online requirements for every registered course in the information page. Click the link below to start.

Remember, the online requirements are mandatory and must be completed before the classroom and testing session. This is an individualized personal requirement that must be completed by you and not with someone else or by someone else or in a group. Your administrator is able to follow your online progress and verify your compliance. In addition and in order to avoid misunderstanding and miscommunication, all administrators have a list of every grade's online required modules and their actual viewing length. Click throughs as opposed to actual viewing, does not meet the requirements.